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Appointments for new referrals can be made by phone, fax or email. If the referral is urgent, please advise our staff and we will endeavour to fit your patient in as soon as possible.

Contact our receptionist if you are seeking information about your patient’s status and to request letters about patients seen at our clinic.

Phone: +64 3 375 6333

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Shared care model

The St George’s Eye Care approach ensures continuity of care, working closely with primary eye care professionals to provide total wrap-around solutions, clinical excellence and accessibility.

Family optometrists or GPs are frequent contact and entry points into the eye care system, and often play an important role in assessing, treating and providing ongoing care. They know their patient better than anyone else, and therefore, where it is clinically appropriate and/or the patient consents, we propose that we work together so that they are a fully engaged member of the team.

We invite optometrists and GPs to collaborate with our team of leading eye specialists to deliver continuity of care and optimal patient outcomes. We believe all health care professionals should play a part in patient care by acknowledging respect of all team members in co-managing patients.

Our shared care model provides patients with the option of having the one month post operative examination carried out by his or her optometrist or GP.  Where it is clinically appropriate, and/or if the patient elects, our ophthalmologists will provide all the care required post surgery.

Our team is committed to a customer-centric approach, complementing general vision and eye care by specialist activity, such as surgery. This model provides better access to services, quality outcomes and is in the best interests of the patient.

We will ensure the patient is fully informed about the details, and potential implications of, the shared care model before a patient makes a choice about who will provide his or her post operative care. In addition, our team of specialists are always available for advice, and also happy to provide education to optometrists and family physicians.

In our view, facilitating the best primary, secondary and tertiary level eye care is also the best way to serve and retain patients in the long-term.

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St George's Hospital Extended Charitable Benefits Guidelines to Referrers

To provide guidelines to assist GPs, optometrists and ophthalmologists to complete an application on behalf of their patients for financial assistance from the St George's Hospital Extended Charitable Funding for treatment to be provided by St George's Eye Care.

St George's Hospital Incorporated is a registered charity and has established an Extended Charitable Benefits Committee (ECBC) to oversee and administer the organisation's extended charitable funding.

St George's Eye Care Treatment Support Grant
Applications for financial support will vary between 100% of the cost of treatment for significantly disadvantaged people through to some financial support towards the costs for patients who might otherwise be unable to afford the full cost of their eye care treatment.

The funds available are limited and the ECBC will allocate funds based on the information you provide and their criteria for assessing priority for financial support.

  • The patient must require treatment or a surgical intervention that will result in a significant improvement in their quality of life or will prevent significant deterioration thereof
  • Are able to access publicly funded services
  • Would otherwise not be able to afford the full cost of private treatment

Application Process - St George's Eye Care Treatment Support Grant

  • All applications must be in writing on the approved application form, made prior to the delivery of the services and supported by the patient's GP, optometrist or ophthalmologist.
  • The GP, optometrist or ophthalmologist should provide both clinical and financial reasons to support the application on behalf of their patient.
  • Once the application is completed, it should be sent to the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, St George's Hospital, Private Bag 4737, Christchurch 8140, who will ascertain any further details required including the estimated total cost of the services
  • The Chief Executive Officer of St George's Hospital and the Clinical Director of St George's Eye Care will review all applications and if satisfied the application meets the criteria for assistance, make recommendation to the St George's Hospital Extended Charitable Benefits Committee (ECBC), who may approve the application.
  • Once considered by the ECBC, the Chief Executive Officer, will then write to the patient advising them of the outcome of their application and if they have been successful.
  • A copy of this letter will also be forwarded to the referrer who initiated the application.
  • St George's Eye Care Treatment Support Grant will not be provided to patients who have outstanding debts with St George's Eye Care or St George's Hospital.
  • The St George's Eye Care Treatment Support Grant is administered by the St George's Hospital Extended Charitable Benefits Committee (ECBC) within a defined budget.
  • Not all applications will be approved and the decision of the ECBC is final.
  • The Extended Charitable Benefits Committee administers the St George's Eye Care Treatment Support Grant and will ensure that the expenditure is appropriately aligned with the "Philanthropic Activities and Extended (Charitable) Benefits" policy and is charitable.

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