In short, St George’s Eye Care delivers a range of specialist services that are responsive to individual needs, and delivered in a timely, responsible and effective manner. 

What we do

Our ophthalmologists and doctors offer medical and surgical treatment for a wide range of eye conditions.

Our state-of-the art facility has been purpose built with patient care and comfort top-of-mind.

Patients can access treatment at St George’s Eye Care, either through their private health insurance or personal funding of treatment.

The way we do things around here

The aim is to provide comprehensive care in an environment that is comfortable for patients.

Our patients will gain an enhanced understanding of their condition, in an environment where they come first. Facilitating their long-term management and care is at the heart of what we do.

Our model offers a high-quality eye care alternative with a superior level of accessibility and efficiency.

The skills and knowledge of each member of our team combine to provide a high quality patient experience that is underpinned by crucial interaction time with our specialists, yet the efficiencies created result in a much lower cost compared to others in the market.

Making specialist eye care more attainable again reflects our philosophy of putting the patient first.

A collaborative approach

Our patient-centric approach is further reflected in the way we collaborate with eye care and medical professionals, and loop patients back into their care.

If your family GP or optometrist refers you, you can be assured that we will work with them as part of your long-term eye care team.


For your safety and wellbeing St George’s Hospital is a smokefree environment.

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Specialist eye care, that is all about you.

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